Ken Doman (a.k.a. raykendo)

GIS Web Developer

About Me

I'm a GIS web application developer living in Wheaton, Illinois. I spend my 8-to-5 creating web applications at Bruce Harris and Associates, a GIS mapping and software development company that specializes in local government and land records. After my wife and kid (soon to be kids) go to bed, I hack away at a book for Packt Publishing. For GIS work, I specialize in using ArcGIS products provided by ESRI. For web development, JavaScript and CSS are my tools of choice, from vanilla JavaScript to MV* frameworks, I can work with them all.


Mastering ArcGIS Server Development with JavaScript

Check out my new book, Mastering ArcGIS Server Development with JavaScript. This book dives deep into web application development with maps provided by ArcGIS Server and the ArcGIS JavaScript API. This book is available at Amazon and through Packt Publishing.

ESRI REST Diagnostics

This is a set of browser-based diagnostic and web scraping tools for ArcGIS Server REST Service endpoints. You can search the contents of a map service without following each and every link. Click here to view the source.

The Cat Map App

This is a silly ArcGIS JavaScript API application based on a webmap provided by Jonah Atkins. You kinda have to see (and hear) it to believe it. You will need to turn the volume up on your speakers. Click here to view the source.

More to Come

I'll post more stuff here as I get permission from my employer nad their clients. I'll also post some of my other crazy side-projects here.

Contact me

I know you want to contact me about something, whether you have an interesting side gig for me, or you think I may be your friend from high school (I get that a lot). Feel free to send me an email through this form. You have to have JavaScript enabled. If you see a the "send" button turn green, it's ready.