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Ken Doman (raykendo)

Hi, my name is Ken Doman, a.k.a raykendo. By day, I work as a GIS Web Developer for Bruce Harris and Associates, a mapping and software development company out of the Chicago Suburbs. At night, I’m a husband, a father, a man of faith, and a part-time writer, and an incessant tinkerer.

As a developer, my weapons of choice are JavaScript, HTML & CSS. I do a lot of .NET development to handle middle and backend web development, as well as some desktop applications. I also enjoy using Python to solve math problems. I’ve also started using NodeJS in my latest web builds.

For GIS work, I’ve worked with ESRI technology since 2007, using ArcGIS Desktop and Server. I’m also an ESRI certified Web Developer, which means I kinda know how to develop web applications around ArcGIS Server.

As for other projects, I wrote a book in 2015 titled Mastering ArcGIS Server Development with JavaScript for Packt Publishing. I also maintain some open-source projects, like ESRI REST Diagnostics and Map Services Enhanced, which help GIS Technicians and Developers work with ArcGIS REST Services.

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